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Procured a cutthroat hiding among the populace and feigning civility. Only a disciplined eye could recognize the beast within, yearning for release. How could I refuse?

Client Open Beta Update #1 BY CACTOPUS

Beginning with patch 6.23 we officially launched the open beta for the League client update. Man, it felt good.

Champion and skin sale: 12.06 - 12.
Champion and skin sale: 11.29 - 12.
Precision is the difference betweena butcher and a surgeon.

Camille is an elite operative who works to maintain order for Piltover's established powers. It was her dedication to duty that led the Steel Shadow to transfigure her body into a hextech-powered death machine.

Champion and skin sale: 11.22 - 11.25 BY WIZARDCRAB

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time: Skin Sales

Give your champions a new look with these skins: Dryad Soraka

520 260 RP Darkrider Sejuani

975 487 RP Debonair Jayce

975 487 RP Soul Reaver Draven

1350 675 RP Champion Sales

Add these champions to your roster: Diana

975 487 RP


880 440 RP

Miss Fortune

790 395 RP


Some thoughts on Support BY MEDDLER

Hi folks,

As mentioned here, we’re about to try an experiment where we make a lot of supports free for a month. For anyone interested I wanted to talk in more detail about our thinking on both supports in general and this test in particular. Current State of Supports

At present support is a position that significantly fewer players want to play than other roles.

Champion and skin sale: 11.15 - 11.
How to rank up in the 2017 season BY SOCRATES

… which begins in 2016.

This season we’re doing a lot of new things, including moving the start date forward a month, letting you exclude your least-favorite position, introducing two separate ranked ladders (three if you count Twisted Treeline), and giving ongoing updates on queue health for 2017. You can consider this post as an all-encompassing, international guide for your 2017 ranked experience.

Champion and skin sale: 11.08 - 11.