Snow Nidalee by Slaterk

Snow Nidalee by Slaterk

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This skin was moved over from HeroesMod as part of a merger between HeroesMod and Leaguecraft, if this is your skin head over to the Help Desk section of the forums and tell Najena, we will then transfer control over to you.


New skin for Nidalee. First, I didn't like that much the big teeth everywere on her stuff so i erased them. Then i discovered that there is a texture inside her spear and decided to use it, now she have a big jewel in it with steel around. I found this idea because she already have one on her face.
I also erased some parts of the cougar to make it looks like a snow cat. Enjoy ;) :

For those who like the spear idea, there is another option, some other texture are inside and could be used for something else, like a core of fire or whatever you like ^^ In General making texture invisible can lead to some surprises, just try it, it's a way to have different skin.

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