Urf the Manatee!!!(not a joke!)

Urf the Manatee!!!(not a joke!)

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''WTF???!!!!! Urf???!!! Its WHATA I ALWAYS WANTED PAPA!!''
Yeah babe its-a-me again!U think your eyes are trolling u but they aren't!!This is Urf da damn fucking Manatee!!!
today i saw that the Urf day is aproaching so here its my present for the comunity at this so special day!!
U are probabyl wondering why i did this skin for Pantheon and here is the anser:its not going to be only for phanteon! Yeah babe u read right its going to be a ''contest'' to choose the next 2(two) lucky heroes that are going to recive this wonderfull Manatee skin!! It works like this: u comment down there telling me wich champion should recive the skin and why so at april 1st(Manatee day) ill check the comments and then the 2 most ''voted'' champz will recive the skin!!!

master yi
should recive the skin because blablabla

all the skins will come with loadscreen and if this phanteon skin get more then 500 downloads till april 1st ill add the particles too!!!!
So don't waste your time! Call your friends to vote for your favorite champion and always remenber that ''the force will be with you''.

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